Processing of ePassport applications takes six (6) weeks.  Applicants are therefore advised to submit their applications at least eight (8) months before their scheduled travel or at least five (5) months before the expiration of their Hong Kong work visas to avoid inconvenience.  Applicants are also reminded that Philippine passports may be renewed as early as one (1) year before the expiry date. 

Please read the step-by-step application procedure and download the ePassport Application Form below. We encourage you to send your application by e-mail(This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) to save a visit to the Consulate. 

Download ePassport Application Form here

For the latest advisories on e-passport issued by the Department of Foreign Affairs, Passport Information.


    1. Renewal of Passport
      1. For E-Passport:
        1. Current Passport and photocopy of first page
        2. Requirement for minor applicants (same as first-time minor applicants) as follows:
          1. Original and photocopy of passport.
          2. Original and photocopy of valid passport of parents
          3. Original and photocopy of Birth Certificate of minor duly authenticated by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) formerly NSO.
            • If born abroad/Hong Kong: Report of Birth (ROB) of minor duly authenticated by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) formerly NSO
          4. Hong Kong ID/School ID
          5. Marriage Contrac t / Report of Marriage of minor's parent duly authenticated by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) formerly NSO
        3. Personal appearance of applicant. If minor, personal appearance of either parent or legal guardian is required.
      2. For passports issued before April 2010 (Effective 1 July 2016 per DFA- Office of Consular Affaris circular)
        1. Philippine Statistics Authority (formerly NSO)-authenticatedbirth certificate
        2. At least one (1) valid identification document
        3. Other supporting documents as necessary (i.e., PSA-authenticated marriage contract if married and using married surname)
        4. Photocopy of first and last pages of passport
        5. Personal appearance of applicant. If minor, personal appearance of either parent or legal guardian.
        6. For minor, see requirements for e-passport.
    2. First-time application for children born in Hong Kong.
        1. Four (4) copies of Report of Birth (please refer to the Civil Registration and Legal Section) and birth certificate issued in Hong Kong.
        2. Four (4) copies of parent's marriage contract, if married in Hong Kong or in other countries, copy of Report of Marriage.
        3. If not married, authenticated birth certificate of mother together with Affidavit of Illegitimacy. Affidavit of Recognition will be required for those babbies opting to use their father's surname.
        4. Four (4) copies of parent's passports.
        5. Personal appearance of applicant, accompanied by either parent or legal guardian.


    3. Passport Application for Naturalized Filipinos
        1. Naturalization papers (copy and original)
        2. Requirements for renewal of passport shall apply.

  1. In case of Lost Passports
    After submission of documentary requirements, there is a prescribed clearing period of 15 days prior to issuance of replacement. All passports not issued in PCG Hong Kong shall be replaced only upon receipt of confirmation fax from DFA Manila.

    1. Tourist
      1. Affidavit of Loss (2 copies)
      2. Police Report
      3. Airline Certification of Arrival in Hong Kong SAR
      4. Copy of previous passport/Philippine issued ID.
      5. Copy of Ticket/Certification of confirmation flight to the Philippine
      6. Four (4) photos

    2. Contract Workers/Residents
      1. Affidavit of Loss (2 copies)
      2. Police Report
      3. Copy of lost passport (if not available, authenticated birth certificate).
      4. Authenticated marriage contract / Report of marriage if lost passport is under married name.
      5. Copy of valid employment contract and Hong Kong ID.
      6. Personal appearance is required.


  2. Amendments/Report of Marriage
    Only two (2) kinds of amendment of passport are allowed:
    1. Female applicants who wish to adopt husband's surname.
    2. Female applicants who wish to revert to maiden name due to death of spouse/annulment of marriage.

    1. For those married the Philippines
      1. NSO authenticated marriage contract.
      2. NSO authenticated birth certificate of wife

    2. For those married in Hong Kong SAR
      1. 4 copies of Report of Marriage (please refer to the Civil Registry and Legal Section) and marriage contract issued in Hong Kong.
      2. 4 copies of NSO birth certificate of wife
      3. 4 copies passports of husband and wife
      4. Report of Marriage (From provided by this Office)
      5. Personal appearance

    3. For marriages solemnized elsewhere other than in Hong Kong SAR / Philippines
      Please submit item nos. 2, 3, 4 mentioned in item VI letter B together with the marriage contract authenticated by the Philippine Mission which has jurisdiction over the place where the marriage was solemnized. If applying for the amendment to adopt husband's surname, please submit NSO authenticated Report of Marriage. 

  3. Married female applicants reverting to maiden name
    1. For Widows:
      1. NSO authenticated death certificate of husband
      2. NSO authenticated birth certificate of wife
      3. NSO authenticated copy of previous marriage.
      4. In case of presumptive death of husband. Court Order of Presumptive Death duly authenticated by DFA.

    2. For Annulled Marriages:
      1. NSO authenticated marriage contract with annotation on annulment.
      2. Certified true copy of Court Order and Certificate of Finality duly authenticated by DFA.
      3. NSO authenticated birth certificate of wife

    3. For Divorcees:
      1. NSO Marriage contract with annotation on Divorce from previous marriage.
      2. Court Order issued by Philippine Court recognizing the divorce degree obtained abroad.
      3. Birth Certificate from NSO.

    4. Divorce among Filipino Muslims
      1. Divorce decree from Shariah Court
      2. Joint Affidavit executed by two Imams who witnessed the divorce declaration.


The Consulate reserves the right to require additional documents deemed necessary. Applicants for e-photo should wear decent attire, with sleeves and collar. Eyeglasses and jewelry (i.e. earrings, necklace, etc) should always be removed before capturing the applicant's photo. The use of contact lenses for medical reasons is accepted, provided that the contact lenses do not change the applicant's true eye color.

FEES:   HK Dollars
Passport HK$ 480.00
Amendment HK$ 160.00
Report of Marriage/Birth HK$ 200.00
Travel Document HK$ 240.00
Affidavit of Loss HK$ 200.00
Affidavit of Mutilation HK$ 200.00
Verification Fee HK$ 40.00
Replacement of Lost Green / MRP Passport HK$ 800.00
Replacement of Lost e-Passport HK$ 1,200.00



Consular service is from Sunday to Thursday only. Processing time for an E-Passport is at least six (6) weeks.

Processing Time            :             9:00 am to 4:00 pm, Sunday - Thursday
Releasing Time : 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, Sunday - Thursday




    1. Present for proper cancellation your current passport together with your receipt when claiming your new passport. The new passport will NOT be released unless the old passport is presented.
    2. Check all data in the machine-generated form before signing. Passports found to have printing errors may be replaced subject to another payment and 2 months processing period.
    3. Passports are released only to applicants or to immediate family members (spouse, sibling, parent, child of legal age) authorized in writing by the applicant.
    4. Declare lost, valid or expired passport to avoid delay in the issuance of a new one.
    5. Passports unclaimed aftes six (6) months from the date of issuance will be cancelled per Department Order 37-03.