[Pursuant to the Revised Rules (Memo No. AFF-05-002) Governing Philippine Citizenship under Repulic Act No. 9225, which took effect on 01 November 2005]

FOR APPLICANT: (Downloadable Form)

  1. Present valid ID
  2. Present original and submit 4 copies of the following:
    1. Proof as a natural-born Philippine citizen - NSO-authenticated Birth Certificate (BC) or Report of Birth (ROB)
        Note: The evalutating officer reserves the right to require the submission of the following documents, in addition to the BC or ROB, as the need arises, especially in cases of applicants having foreign-sounding surnames:
      1. Old Philippine passport;
      2. Voter's affidavit or voter's identification card;
      3. Marriage contract; and/or
      4. Other document/s that would indicate that the applicant is a former natural-born Philippine citizenship
    2. Foreign passport
    3. Certificate of Naturalization
        Note: In the absence of the Certificate, submit a NOTARIZED AFFIDAVIT explaining the circumstances by which the foreign citizenship was acquired
    4. For married applicants, submit NSO-authenticated Marriage Certificate
        Note: Female applicants who are married and who wish to use their married names must execute and submit an affidavit of use of surname of the husband. (Notarization fee of Affidavit is HK$200.00.)
    5. For BI-registered applicants:
      1. Submit original Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR)
      2. Submit original Immigrant Certificate of Residence (ICR) or Certificate of Residence for Temporary Visitors (CRTV)
    6. In case of discrepancyin the name of the applicant in his/her Birth Certificate and Naturalization papers/foreign passport, executed by the applicant on the use of both names. (Notarization fee of Affidavit is HK$200.00.)
  3. Submit six (6) 2"X2" colored photographs with white background
  4. Accomplish Verified Petition (RA 9225 Form No. 1)
  5. Submit duly-accomplished petition to the Philippine Consulate with document(s) required in item B
  6. Pay processing fee of HK$ 400.00 and submit original receipt
  7. Get a schedule for oath of allegiance before a consular officer
  8. For BI-registered applicants or applicants who wish not to claim identification certificate personally, submit two (2) pieces of self-addressed stamped envelope (legal size)


  1. Present original and submit 5 copies of the following:
    1. NSO-authenticated Birth Certificate or Report of Birth (if born abroad)
    2. Foreign passport
    3. Other supporting documents as the need arises
  2. Submit two (2) pieces - 2x2 colored pictures with white background (showing front view); and
  3. Pay processing fee of HK$200.00 and submit original receipt