Earl Ng, a 21-year old Filipino student from Cebu, emerged as College Valedictorian for academic year 2014-2015 of the Chung Chi College (CCC), Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). Earl is the first Filipino to graduate at the top of his class in a Hong Kong university. Moreover, he completed two major degrees, i.e. Bachelor of Arts Major in Chinese Studies (with focus on Chinese business and economy), and Bachelor of Arts Major in Business Administration (with focus on Management Information Systems).

It was in 2011 when Earl arrived in Hong Kong to specifically pursue a university degree. Armed with his innate talent and intelligence, developed through years of conscientious studies and training, he embarked on an academic voyage in Hong Kong confident that he would get the quality education that will propel him to entrepreneurial success in the near future. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, Earl is also setting his sights on starting and running his own business. He intends to do business with or in China, thus, he needed to better understand the business environment and economy of China -- the main reason he chose CUHK.